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Lake Arenal Wakeboarding

The beauty and tranquility of the water in some of Lake Arenal’s coves are ideal for wakeboarders who slice the glassy surface and cast an arc of spray sky high.

Lake Arenal activities range widely from thrilling to soothing, and one of the most exciting pastimes on the scale is wakeboarding Arenal. It is a sport widely recognized as being beneficial for the entire body and combines deep appreciation for natural beauty with the energy of rapid adrenaline flow. The perfect conditions provided by the lagoon make wakeboarding in Arenal a local favorite pastime both for spectators and participators, and the community has recently gathered around the sport as a source of local pride.

The superiority of Lake Arenal’s watersport conditions led one of the largest wakeboarding companies in Costa Rica, FlyZone, to host an international tournament on the lake in May 2015. The organizer of the tournament, Mr. Sander Werink noted the supreme conditions to be found on Lake Arenal and indicated the wide range of ages and experience levels that are currently populating the sporting corners of the reservoir.

Anyone interested in a spin of adventure in the glassier corners of Lake Arenal can find businesses that specialize in equipment rentals, coaching, and insider access to the prime locations. Wakeboarding is partly dependent on the equipment and driver, and having a superfluity of expert maneuverers at the wheel with the latest in sporting technology contributes to the many reasons for Lake Arenal’s superiority as a watersport location.

The variety of Lake Arenal activities to be found are in part thanks to the man made expansion of the lake in the late 20th century. This addition tripled its size, and provided for both the perfect wind conditions in some portions of the lake for weather based water sports, as well as the smooth lagoons in certain corners perfect for wakeboarding in Arenal.

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