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Lake Arenal Paddle Boarding

For those watersport lovers who prefer an activity that combines athleticism and leisure, Lake Arenal paddle boarding is the ideal pastime. You can cruise along at the speed of your choice, taking in the beauty of the landscape while scoping out toucans, monkeys and sloths. Or you can cut a rug through the crisp Lake Arenal waters, slicing your way along while working out your entire body. Paddle boarding can be a demanding sport when speed and fitness are your primary goals, as it takes careful balance, strong lower body control to direct the board and upper body strength to pull yourself as rapidly as possible through the gorgeous Arenal waves.

Each and every day on Lake Arenal is different with the massive variety of scenery and activities to enjoy. The lake is well known internationally as a windsurfing and kite-boarding destination, but stand up paddle boarding is increasingly one of the more popular Lake Arenal activities. It is flexible to your personal requirements, and can be as different an action as running is to walking. If you prefer the challenge of breezy resistance, paddle towards the north of the lake, known for the whipping winds that make it ideal for wakeboarding and kite boarding. Or if you prefer the sunny side of the lake, cruise south where the shore is exposed to sunlight all year long. You can even combine paddle boarding with fishing if you decide to drop a line and try your luck with Lake Arenal’s rich supply of South American bass.

There are an abundance of places to stop off during your paddle boarding adventures, such as Puerto San Luis, a friendly, local village somewhat off the beaten track and down the road from the Lake Arenal Brewery. Almost everywhere you cruise on Lake Arenal’s glassy cool waves will provide a stunning view of the Arenal Volcano, a magnificent mountain jutting out from the southern side of the lake. Paddle boarding Lake Arenal is the rare activity to be enjoyed by leisure-lovers and exercise buffs alike.


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