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Lake Arenal Kayaking and Canoeing

Lake Arenal kayaking or canoeing is one of the classic lake Arenal activities that combines tranquil observance of the surrounding waters and jungle with the momentum of adventure. Paddle at your own chosen speed over the iridescent waters while soaking up the majestic view of the Arenal volcano and surrounding verdure. You can choose to drop a line and do some fishing, or pick up the pace for a healthy full body workout. Be sure to cast your eyes towards the shoreline from time to time to spot howler and spider monkeys, coatis and any of the hundreds of bird species that populate the area. If you prefer a vessel slightly more raised from the surface, be sure to try the classic canoes for one or two people.

Lake Arenal kayaking and canoeing provides a perspective unparalleled by any other form of transportation. You are resting just on the surface of the lake, a breath away from the fish and underwater life teeming around you, while maintaining a sweeping view of the magnificent jungle and farmed hillsides. You can choose between equipment rental or a guided tour with local experts on the best lagoons, coves and islands. The canoe and kayaking tours include an island interlude where you are served fresh local fruit and can explore the lush surroundings while spotting sloths, monkeys and kingfishers among the treetops.

The kayaks themselves are crafted for even the most choppy of seas, and provide perfect stability on the calm waters of Lake Arenal, making them ideal for explorers of any age or experience level. Even complete beginners can be paddling experts after a few minutes in these superior vessels. And if you happen to become particularly attached to this mode of transport, you can always purchase a custom made wooden kayak from Arenal Kayaks.


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