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Lake Arenal Activities

Costa Rica’s largest reservoir, Lake Arenal has an abundant source of adventure and wildlife as diverse in activities as in topography. From the depths of the lake to the crest of the volcano, fill your days with Lake Arenal activities that vary from the action packed windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, and hiking to Lake Arenal fishing, horseback riding, yoga, wildlife observing and hot springs hopping. The lake ranges from 100-200 feet deep and is brimming with a rich population of Rainbow bass, a delicious and tricky little creature that makes Lake Arenal fishing particularly rewarding. The lake’s cool breezes and warm water are the ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailboarding with 33 square miles of silky surface to explore by boat or board, alone or with an experienced guide.

Lake Arenal activities at the water’s edge are equally enticing. The Arenal Volcano sits majestically to the east of the lake with the adjacent hills richly forested and teeming with monkeys, toucans, sloths, caimans, and dazzling bird species. Hiking and Arenal Volcano tours are excellent ways to become acquainted with the landscape. Blow off steam in the local hot springs, where a thermal river heated by the volcano swirls to form natural swimming pools in some places and overflows into waterfalls in others.

If you’re unable to choose between the watery terrain and the rolling hills, merge the two in a combination kayaking and biking tour of Lake Arenal. With magnificent views of the Arenal Volcano, you will glide from shore to shore in search of howler monkeys and kingfishers, later replaced with natural trails and river crossings while you pedal through the forested neighborhoods of Arenal’s backyard. There is no limit to how to fill your days with Lake Arenal activities in this rich vicinity.

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