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Lake Arenal Fishing

Lake Arenal started as a mere lagoon 2 to 3 million years ago and has since been expanded by man and nature into the largest lake in Costa Rica. It is one of the many enchanting places to spend your time, and with an ample population of Rainbow Bass, a fish of the cichlid family, South American Bass, and scenery resplendent with the Arenal Volcano and dense rainforests, it is an unparalleled locale.

Lake Arenal fishing is a remarkable experience where anglers can enjoy full days of catch and release starting early in the morning or half days beginning either early or in the afternoon. And experienced captain will provide the boat, fishing rods, line and tackle and even food and drinks. These guys are the indispensable authorities in finding the fish’s favorite feeding places on the lake.

The lake offers much more than spectacular Arenal fishing opportunities. It is home to a hydroelectric project that provides close to 70% of Costa Rica’s entire energy. With help from the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity, Lake Arenal now reaches depths of 200 feet deep in places and at 33 square miles in open water, its reserves for fish and water life are particularly vast. Take a break from the rod to look upwards and spot one of the many bird species flitting in and out of the trees, including hummingbirds, woodpeckers, kingfishers, toucans and aricari.

Nowhere else in Costa Rica can you find as an impressive a melange of utility, variety, magnificent grandeur and spectacular fun. Let Lake Arenal fishing expose you to the diverse habitat sitting quietly in the background while you rest, rod in hand, regarding the splendor of an active volcano’s lush foothills surrounding the tranquil surface of Costa Rica’s grandest lake.

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